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What is Finger On The App?

Finger On The App is a one-time game happening on 06/30 3:00pm EST where thousands of people will compete for a cash prize - there is only 1 winner.

How Do I Play?

You will need to download the Finger On The App game from the Apple App Store (sorry Android users). On the day of the game, open up the app ahead of time to get ready! To play Finger On The App you put your finger on your phone and keep it there for as long as possible. Occasionally we will prompt you to slide your finger to a specific location. That’s it! Whoever stays on longest wins.

What is the Prize?

Here’s where things get interesting! The prize for the winner of the game can be up to $25,000. However, everyone who loses gets to vote what they think the prize should be - and they could vote as little as $0! The final prize is the average of everyone’s votes. If you win, you are completely at the mercy of all the players you beat along the way.

How do I know if I won?

You’ll see in the app that you are the winner! We will contact you using the phone number you signed up with so please use your own, and don’t use one you won’t check.

What if I don’t win? Will there ever be a second game?

No - you get one shot at this. Remember, if you’re mad you lost you can vote to tank the winner’s prize pool ;)

How do Extra Lives Work?

If you enable bluetooth access for Finger On The App and play near (within 10 feet - and no closer than 6!) of other people you both will get an extra life. This means that if your finger slips off, you will have 10 seconds to put it back on without penalty. You can have up to 3 extra lives.

I got a phone call during the game and it made me lose!

That’s part of it! You must have your wifi on to play, but phone calls, alarms, or other interruptions can cause you to lose even if you didn’t take your finger off the screen. Remember - it’s Finger On The APP, not just Finger On Your PHONE.